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Video Conferencing rooms available to hire by the hour!

We have over 2500 rooms and facilities worldwide which can be booked instantly online or by calling us 24 hours.

Bookings can be made for multiple locations, and we can assist you in connecting to video conferencing facilities from laptops and personal computers.

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We have Telepresence facilities for those of you who want the Rolls Royce of video conferencing.

These rooms are state-of-the-art and include HD displays, studio quality sound and matching furniture at both ends which gives you a 'real-life' feel.

Try the absolute best in video conferencing today, you won't be disappointed!

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Video Conference Facility Eco Friendly

Reduce Carbon Emissions


Video conferencing is by far the best face to face alternative to flying available today. As such, every time you choose to video conference instead of flying you help reduce your carbon footprint and slow down global warming.

"In the UK alone, the Government forecasts 500 million airline passengers a year by 2030 Ė from 229 million in 2005."

- UK Department of Transport.

"Air Travel is in the fastest growing source of the greenhouse gases that lead to climate change."

- Friends of The Earth.

Video Conferencing DOES Help Reduce Global Warming! The fact is global warming is increasing the average temperature of the earthís oceans and air and has been on the rise since the mid 20th century and is expected to increase yearly.

Climate Care Carbon Emission calculator is a nifty feature is used to calculate how much carbon emissions are produced when flying around the globe. Simply fill in your details and hit calculate to view your results.

Whygo is not saying donít fly, but we do recommend video conferencing as an alternative and we at Whygo are proud to be part of the solution thatís helping to reduce our carbon footprint of our planet.

Why fly when you... can't?

Whygo chose the slogan above to highlight that people do not always need to fly for a face to face meeting. Video conferencing is the perfect alternative. It is also as environmentally friendly and carbon neutral as distance meetings get..
To help us communicate this message we chose penguins and polar bears, not just because they cannot fly but because their lives are in threat due to climate change.

After we launched our new website look and feel with our new animal friends as mascots of our message, we discovered the World Wild Life Funds adopt an animal program and instantly fell in love with the idea of promoting and supporting this initiative. As such we are not only promoting this amazing service to anyone and everyone who will listen but we will be adopting animals on behalf of our customer as our thank you present.

Whygo will commit $50 out of every $500 profit we make for any customer to the WWF's adopt an animal program. Join us an help some animals from extinction and adopt an animal today. You get some GREAT goodies if you do!

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Whygo NewsVideo conferencing news and summaries will keep you up to date with all the latest news from Whygo and the Video conferencing industry.Learn about product announcements, media, recognition, video conferencing standards, requirements, resolutions, formats, industry trends and much more.

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Our New Google Maps Search Feature

Users can now search for video conferencing venues using Google maps only fromthe Whygo booking system home page.

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